Business environment improvement

Panevėžys Development Agency is seeking to build and strengthen the relationship between the sectors of business, education, science, and education and the public sector so that at Panevėžys city and district, there would be the best conditions for the development of business and investments.

We consult and help investors who are starting their activities in Panevėžys city or district, and businesses established here and have faced various issues related to the development of business. In collaboration with the municipalities and other public and private partners, we initiate the products and services of Panevėžys city and district business and investment environment improvement.

To prioritize key challenges faced by business and choose the most significant problem-solving tools, we are collaborating with experts in economic development. We are working to find out what is happening in Panevėžys here and now: doing the analysis, carrying out businessman polls, analyzing the region's business environment and its potential, long-term development, and perspectives for the future.

We pay close attention to the development of Panevėžys region Industry 4.0 direction: we are involved in drafting strategic documents, we are organizing events on opportunities afforded by technologies, we encourage exchanges of the best practices between the companies of the region, we ensure the dissemination of realities. 

We have an extensive network of partners, for we are ready to help discover the resources of Panevėžys region, make contacts, and develop joint projects.