Virtual open days

2020 12 14

Registration has ended, but you can invite us for a discussion:

In November, the Panevėžys Development Agency, which unites professionals in the fields of the business environment, analytics, marketing, and communication, as well as tourism, opened a virtual door for the city’s entrepreneurs. The Agency invited them to register for discussions about ongoing activities, challenges, and opportunities to increase competitiveness.  

Both start-up and experienced entrepreneurs took the opportunity to consult with experts. During individual meetings, the specialists of the Panevėžys Development Agency advised them on the development of activities, promotion of services, raising awareness, searching for business contacts, and forming a company image. After analysing the specific case of the entrepreneur during the meeting, further steps were suggested for solving the problem, implementing the idea or finding the necessary resources.

“The Panevėžys Development Agency has a wide network of partners; therefore, after receiving an inquiry from an entrepreneur and assessing the situation, we try to refer him or her to a reliable expert working in one or another institution who is able to provide the most accurate and useful information on a specific issue. TEntrepreneurs of Panevėžys face a wide variety of challenges; therefore, our main goal is to help them to find the most direct path in the abundance of institutions, business support measures, and other information. We notice that there is a great need for this,” said Monika Miniotaitė, the Manager of the Business Environment Project of the Panevėžys Development Agency.

It was also very important for the agency team to receive feedback from those who had already used the service offered in this initiative. During the discussion, the Agency team had the opportunity to learn more about the city’s business, to understand the challenges it faces, and to organize relevant initiatives to improve the business environment in the future.

A particularly interesting and popular topic was communication channels and means. “It’s obvious, when the usual means of making contacts, finding customers and partners are no longer valid in a pandemic, you msut to look for new ways to reach the desired audiences for selling your products and services. We talked to businesses about topics such as effective communication, changed consumer habits, relevant means for them,” said Rita Kručaitė, the Manager of the Marketing Project.

Virtual open days are organized in the framework of the implementation the project for improving the conditions of business development “Improving the Business Environment in Panevėžys,” which is financed by the Panevėžys City Municipality.