It is clear now what works are being executed on the roof of Panevėžys University of Applied Science

2021 03 19

Panevėžys dwellers are surprised that constructions are being built on the roof of Panevėžys University of Applied Science and brightly dressed workers with security equipment are working there.

The project is being executed

The Panevėžys University of Applied Science deputy director for science and development dr. Donatas Bakšys explained that the university is executing a project "Center of energy process studies and innovation".

"The project is being financed from the European Union structural funds and the measure "Concentration of studies environment and infrastructure, improvement, and development of information technology" is being executed. The project is oriented towards the improvement and quality of studies and scientific environment in the Panevėžys University of Applied Science," – D. Bakšys explained the change that is taking place.

Modernizing infrastructure

According to the deputy director for science and development of the education institution, in regard to the needs of the Panevėžys region and the country labor market, the infrastructure of engineering studies and scientific applied research and experimental development is being modernized.

"Around one thousand square meters of modern laboratories complex will be equipped in the Center of Energy process studies and innovation. Laboratories of Automation, Engineering systems, Management systems, Electricity and electromechanics, Matter research, Renewable energy source will be equipped. Laboratories will have a concentration of the newest equipment, which will enable high-quality preparation of specialists, who will be able to manage the newest engineering technology: industry robotics solutions, systems of smart housing, renewable energy sources solutions, electricity and automation management systems", - Ph.D. D. Bakšys said.

Science conditions will improve

After having asked what will change once the project will be executed, the deputy director for science and development of the university explained:

"After establishing new laboratories, conditions will be created to execute scientifically applied research development. We will be able to offer new non-formal education programs to assure the needed qualification of the employees to the region's businesses. There will be an opportunity to carry out new ad hoc research, especially in the areas of renewable energy, automation, and engineering solutions. We are planning that on the first day of September this year the students will be able to begin their studies in the new laboratories of the Center of energy process studies and innovation

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