Panevėžys development agency is cooperating with Panevėžys students in solving city's challenges

2021 03 09

Panevėžys development agency is adding to the improvement of professional orientation and increasing the studies attractiveness in the city. The agency is continuing the cooperation with KTU Panevėžys Faculty of Technology and Business in order for students to gain more knowledge, skills, and experience in solving real issues relevant to the Panevėžys city.

Panevėžys development agency team familiarized students of management bachelor studies with the initiatives that are being carried out by the agency and proposed several challenges that Panevėžys is now facing. Students are analyzing these problems while studying an interdisciplinary module of a new product or service development, which connects researchers, social partners, and students' teams in common work.

"We have executed several analyses of Panevėžys business environment, and we can objectively list problems that impair the further development of the city. The specter is broad – from small companies' resilience to crises to the lack of human resources and inconsistent valuation of city's image, - says Panevėžys development agency business environment project manager Monika Miniotaitė.  – Our agency team already took initiatives to solve these problems, but active cooperation with other companies working in the city is essential to reach sustainable results."

The agency team is glad to have gotten the call to cooperate from KTU Faculty of Technology and Business and to have an opportunity to select several important and interesting challenges of the city.

"We have established the challenges as quite broad topics, so the students could independently make decisions on how to approach them, what solution path to choose. We are glad that the students were not afraid to solve questions relevant to the whole city and gladly chose the challenges offered by us," – M. Miniotaitė was saying.

One of the challenges selected by students this spring – "Panevėžys youth "leakage" reduction", oriented to the promoting of school graduates to stay in the Panevėžys city. Essential criteria for new investors when selecting a location is the supply of human resources. After graduating from school, only about 10 percent of graduates stay in Panevėžys to study further. It is very difficult to get back the youth who went to study in other cities and offer a career path in Panevėžys.

The second selected topic – "Panevėžys – the city just next to international roads", which is dedicated to inviting the travelers who visit the city to stay here longer. Regardless of Panevėžys being situated in a logistically very convenient geographical location, tourists come to the city only for a short while, they see Panevėžys only as an intermediate stop between the larger cities, and don't stay here for long.

For solutions to selected challenges university students are formulating their projects and already have various ideas – from digital platforms for school graduates to organizing massive tourist walking hikes and innovative playgrounds. The students will be developing their ideas throughout the spring. Panevėžys development agency expects that after the students' projects are finished the solutions will be possible to be applied in the city life in the future.