What jobs can Panevėžys offer to the newcomers?

2020 12 30

The companies that have been founded in Panevėžys, have been noticing the lack of qualified workers, and they name it as one of the biggest on the path to successfully grow and develop their business. All the cities of Lithuania claim that they are waiting for emigrants scattered throughout the globe to come home, but the majority of the emigrants are eager to know more about working conditions and career possibilities companies there can offer. Needless to say, one of the most significant factors that influence the decision to come back to Lithuania is the possibility to find a job. During Tuesday’s virtual event “Panevėžys awaits! What about the jobs?”, organized by Panevėžys development agency participants were discussing available job positions, career possibilities, and help in creating business in particular.

Jobs that are waiting for emigrants who are coming back

This event has attracted Lithuanians who live in other cities and towns of Lithuania and Lithuanians who live abroad and think about the possibility of relocating back to Panevėžys. Manager of JSC “Serpantinas” Justinas Skaržauskas, marketing manager of JSC “Automatikos sistemos” Karolina Audickienė, and HR manager of JSC “Schmitz Cargobull Baltic” Vitalija Mikulėnienė shared information on what employees are in the biggest demand and what career opportunities to new employees their companies provide.

Industry and manufacturing make the biggest part of the city and the region of Panevėžys economy, where engineering industry that creates a higher value added makes up an important part. Nevertheless, even though the representatives of all 3 companies admitted, that the lack qualifies engineers of all specialties the most, but the professionals of this area are not the only employees that can successfully adapt to the Panevėžys’ labour market. The doors of the companies are open to employees of other professions as well: project managers, mechanics, sales and supply managers, and other kinds of specialists.

The representatives of the companies were sharing information about incentives in the companies that are provided to the employees. The companies provide the opportunities to learn and develop in their professional areas, qualification refresher courses are provided, as well as training, seminars, study visits, and trips.

„We are ready to invest in a person, to provide an opportunity to learn and develop in the professional area. It is not of the utmost importance to us that we hire engineers with the biggest experience. We are open to working with motivated youth, who want to develop, deepen the knowledge and grow together with the company,” – the manager of JSC “Serpantinas” J. Skaržauskas said.

Help the people who create businesses

A representative of the public entity “Versli Lietuva” Neringa Trinskienė was speaking about the help and consultations provided to the people who want to start their business during the event. She presented a centre of collaboration “Spiečius” in Panevėžys, which is small and medium business subjects oriented and especially useful to those who are beginning their activity.

Not only collaboration opportunities are being created here, but also opportunities to expand knowledge about creating and developing the business. Everybody who is starting a new business can get a consultation from a network of experts brought together by “Versli Lietuva”: whether it is about selecting a business format, founding a company, taxes, and other information important to new business owners. Eight mentors who work at the institution share their knowledge free of charge with the people who relocate here to create a business “Opportunities definitely exist, it is important to find a way to use them,” – N. Trinskienė stated.

Benefits of a smaller city

While deploying the initiative “Panevėžys is friendly to the newcomers” the analyst of Panevėžys development agency Jūratė Raukštienė carried out an interview cycle with Lithuanians that have recently come back from abroad. Data gathered during the interviews shows that all the interviewees while being abroad had a tight connection with Lithuania. Most of them, while thinking about the opportunity to get back to Lithuania, were intensively interested in living conditions in the country, labour market supply, prices.

The speakers at the event noted that Panevėžys can offer not only jobs but also a convenient life in the city. Short distances, no traffic jams, lower prices than in other cities of Lithuania, available spots in the kindergartens and schools – these are the main reasons to select Panevėžys.

Senior communication specialist in Panevėžys city municipality Loreta Kaškelienė who was participating in the event also concurred with these insights. She looks after the initiative “Global Panevėžys”, which unites the former inhabitants of Panevėžys who currently live across the globe, and promotes their cooperation and commonalities, responds to the ones who relocate back to Panevėžys and have questions.

“The city is strong when its community is strong”, - L. Kaškelienė is pointing out. “Panevėžys is refreshing and offers great conditions to bring up kids, create a business, find a job, and have great leisure time.”

The event “Panevėžys awaits! What about the jobs?” was organized while implementing a business development conditions improvement project “Improvement of the business environment in Panevėžys” financed by Panevėžys city municipality.