Why Panevėžys?

Panevėžys is lively and  compact city that is  perfect for families.
The city has excellent access to high-quality educational services. You can choose from 29 public kindergartens and 24 schools. This helps to ensure that there are always free places for children, that home, work and kindergartens are within a few kilometers away from each other. Panevėžys has thelargest robotics competition center in Lithuania and the regional open access STEAM  center which operate in the city.

As one of the largest industrial centers in Lithuania, Panevėžys can offer promising jobs and competitive salaries. Panevėžys ranks 4th in terms of salary in the largest cities of Lithuania. Buying your own home here is easier not only because of the favorable ratio of wages to the price of real estate. Panevėžys is the only one amongst the largest cities in Lithuania where you can take advantage of a financial incentive for families buying their first home.

The city has an environmentally friendly infrastructure, promoting the principles of sustainable mobility. The length of bike paths in the city is more than 100 kilometers. Residents and guests who enjoy both quiet and active leisure can enjoy newly renovated city parks, sports and children's playgrounds and the renewed spaces that have become symbols of the city.

In summer time locals and tourists love to spend time on the shores of the Ekranas Lagoon. There are hiking and cycling trails there, swimming pools, picnic and leisure areas, sports and children’s playgrounds, wakepark. Those who want to admire the dynamic view on the water can go paddling, pedal boating.

Panevėžys is also generous for culture lovers - the legendary J. Miltinis Drama Theater, the unique Puppet Wagon theater, which is popular with families are located here. In recent years, the history of Panevėžys has been revived in bold projects where industry meets art. Industrial tourism attraction receive great interest not only from the residents, but also from the guests of the city.