Why Panevėžys?

Panevėžys is lively, green and growing city that is full of culture. It is comfortable to live here and interesting to travel, have fun and relax. Panevėžys has many talented and creative people who love this city and make it famous all over the world. We are proud of exceptional and unique objects like the narrow-gauge train which has been running through the Panevėžys region for more than a hundred years, the Puppet Carriage Theater, the art glass studio Glasremis and many more.

Industrial traditions, cultural innovations, heritage reminiscent of the city's history interwine in Panevėžys. Industrial tourism is actively initiated here. Initiatives highlights the unexpected synthesis of industry and art, industrial spaces are turned to cultural events, exhibitions telling the daily life of industrial workers. Although Panevėžys has the title of an industrial city, the city also has unforgettable theater, music, ceramics, photography and history. We invite you to visit the Panevėžys Museum of Local Lore and dive deep into the history of the city, to see works of art in the renovated city art gallery, to see a performance in at least one of the four city theaters.

Residents and guests of the city, who enjoy both quiet and active leisure, enjoy the excellent hiking and cycling trails, renewed parks that have become friendly to all residents and have become symbols of space. We invite you to come and see for yourself how renewed, interesting and lively Panevėžys is. All points of interest can be found in the "Places to visit in the city" and "Places to visit in the region" sections.