Why Panevėžys?

Panevėžys is a city where manufacturing business goes to grow.

It is a compact city situated in a convenient geographical location. The suitable street layout here allows reaching any object in the city in a very short period. Companies of the city continuously raise growing material and direct foreign investments. The largest count of companies in the city choose wholesale and retail and  repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles activity sector. Manufacturing companies have acquired a strong position in creating jobs and important contribution of gross domestic product in the city. These numbers that describe the city disclose the main features of the Panevėžys business environment.

„A natural expectation is that the local authority would know the vision – what it wants. We have excellent examples in Lithuania, and, to be honest, I would like to distinguish Panevėžys, which well know what it wants; there are some challenges, but it has identified – it is Industry 4.0. Maybe traditional companies which have invested in certain technologies know that they need employees of one or another area. For municipalities that know things like that, the government will help in any way it can." – Aušrinė Armonaitė, Lithuanian Republic Minister of Economics and Innovation, Evening hearing of Seimas, 2020 12 08

Panevėžys is the center of the future's talents to which exceptional attention is being paid. Robotics center "Robolabas" and STEAM center create modern and attractive opportunities for children to practically get to know innovative technologies and choose the profession of the future. More than 100 study programs and modern educational base tailored to gain competencies needed to implement and apply innovative business solutions, are being offered in six vocational schools, a college, and a university in the region. The general talent base of the city consists of graduates of universities and vocational schools and experienced specialists, thanks to which Panevėžys has been famous since the old times as the center of engineering competencies.

The city is inviting to live here and work creating a specter of services convenient for families. Qualitative and affordable preschool and school education services are provided here with a broad supply of hobbies and talent development together with educational activities services. The green areas present in Panevėžys offer the possibilities of sustainable rest. You will also find a broad choice of active leisure, culture areas and activities. The city is famous for competitive rent and maintenance prices, the affordability of services, thus creating attractive conditions for living and working.

"Panevėžys is a compact, comfortable and green metropolis that has a strong and friendly community. The current industry of Panevėžys is the most diverse and strongest throughout the history of the city. The city has modern and rapidly growing, international engineering industry companies that offer working opportunities, and qualitative services sector." – Daumantas Simėnas, the Head of Lithuanian Robotics Association

The Panevėžys district has also defined its strengths and opportunities for the business. Agriculture and furniture manufacturing are especially well established here. In addition to its convenient geographical location, the district offers to take advantage of the fertile lands that spread here and its potential to develop raw material processing and manufacturing businesses here. Experts are beneficially evaluating the conditions that are being created in the municipality and the efficiency of managing the economic freedom to inhabitants and investors. There is support provided for small and medium businesses and the infrastructure suitable for investments is being offered in Panevėžys district. A network of educational institutions, vocational schools, and higher schools creates a possibility to assure the ever-changing needs of human resources for the business.

Broader potential of the Panevėžys region economics has been described in the review of Panevėžys county economic potential prepared by VšĮ "Versli Lietuva" (2020 August). The value proposition for an investor is presented in an informational publication prepared by VšĮ „Investuok Lietuvoje“ (in English, 2020 August).