Industry 4 Panevėžys

"Industry 4 Panevėžys" is a platform which pools together the members and the initiatives of Industry 4.0 ecosystem in Panevėžys region. The gol of the platform is to help Panevėžys become the center of modern technology industry.

Industry sector in the Panevėžys region has been developed much better than anywhere else in Lithuania. It creates a one-third of the region gross domestic product, over one-fourth of the region's inhabitants work in more than 500 companies. All the municipalities of the Panevėžys region have agreed to develop the strategic direction of Industry 4.0 to achieve the further sector growth and assure the economic development. Industry 4.0 should include all the most important sectors of region's economy.

To provide further action the Industry 4.0 advisory board of the Panevėžys city has been gathered. It consists of specialists of high competencies, who represent Panevėžys business companies and their associations, educational and science institutions, the public sector, and the experts of innovation, economical growth and other areas.

The first actions have already been fulfilled. The project of Industry 4.0 development strategy has been prepared. The center of robotics "RoboLabas" and the regional STEAM center to develop the creators of the future has been founded. To coordinate the improvement of city environment and Industry 4.0 direction activities the Panevėžys development agency team has been formed. Innovation dissemination events and the elections of the best company is being organized.

We invite you to get to know the full potential of Industry 4.0 in a review dedicated for that. The development methods of the ecosystem are being analyzed in the report of interview cycle with local business companies and educational and science institutions. Strategic guidelines have been presented in the Industry 4.0 development strategy.

„Panevėžys is demonstrating an exceptional mainstreaming in implementing the set goals of Industry 4.0: be it in the cooperation between business, science and public institutions or in including the international partners into the region. The city has not only succeeded in integrating the most important figures in reaching the common goal, but also to become the good example of the regional development. The efforts of the city are creating results – the international recognition and partnership in developing innovations of global level," – Mantas Vilys, the director of VšĮ Lietuvos inovacijų centras (Lithuanian Innovation Center)


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Jūratė Raukštienė
Business environment project manager