B. Rubinstein mill building

It was the first industrial mill in the Baltic States owned by a private individual, B. Rubinstein of Jewish descent. The mill, famous for its capacity, it is mentioned by historians as one of the most modern mills of the time: 3 shifts worked per day which milled 2 wagons of wheat. Favorable conditions for the development of the city’s industrial milling were created after the construction of the Liepaja-Romnai, Radviliškis-Daugavpils railway branch running through Panevėžys in 1873. The railway was a convenient mode to import wheat from Ukraine and after milling export it to Riga, St. Petersburg, and the port of Liepaja.

Currently the hotel Romantic is operating in the restored mill building.

Kranto St. 24, Panevėžys

55.7335800, 24.3617300