House of photographer Jonas Žitkus

Born in Užušiliai and later relocated to Panevėžys, photographer Jonas Žitkus was one of the best and most popular photographers in the city. In 1931 Jonas built a house on Povilas Putinas street, where a modern photo atelier was equipped on the second floor. On 1941 June 27 in NKVD (currently Panevėžys local lore museum) cellar he captured the bodies of violently tortured and shot dead by Soviets people that were dug out near Sugar factory and on June 29 – the solemn funeral of the victims. Those photographs were published in newspapers in 1941-1942 and demonstrated in exhibition the Red Terror in Lithuania that traveled all around Lithuanian cities in 1942.

P. Puzino St. 11, Panevėžys

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