Juozas Miltinis Heritage Study Centre

Juozas Miltinis Heritage Study Center is the authentic home space of the legendary theatre director of the 20th century Juozas Miltinis. The entire personal director‘s legacy is exhibited here including his personal library, manuscripts, artwork collection, audio, and video recordings of rehearsals, photos, personal belongings. Theatre chronicler Kazimieras Vitkus’ archive of Panevėžys Drama Theatre is also kept here. The modern exhibition reflects the life and the art of J. Miltinis creating the atmosphere of his theatre. Innovative chronological records timeline provides information about his life and theatre in coherence with modern technologies and creative heritage. J. Miltinis Heritage Center organizes various exhibitions, chamber evenings, excursions, educational programs, and various theme meetings.

Algirdo St. 54-19, Panevėžys

Phone +370 45 43 69 89 +370 616 19 168

miltinis@pavb.lt,  www.miltinis.lt

55.7250903, 24.3739181