Ceramics exhibition "Miesto reljefai" (eng. urban reliefs)

Get to know the city of Panevėžys in a different way! Twelve different ceramic works, lying on the wall of the "Menas" theater, tell the most colorful and interesting stories of Panevėžys city life.

Ceramicist G. Mazūras revealed his various memories, collected during different stages of his life in the city, by creating an open-air exhibition of ceramics. The stories will awaken residents' memories of Panevėžys, and city guests will learn that elephants once walked the streets of Panevėžys, that the traditional dish of Panevėžys was fried sunflowers, they will learn about the best car in town and many other witty stories!

The exposition is open air, free of charge, and can be visited around the clock.

Vasario 16-osios g. 19

55.730293, 24.358930