House of Arts Stankūnas Gallery

The first private art gallery in Panevėžys was established in the house of the Stankūnai family - here you can see various works by them and artists from Panevėžys and other cities, and participate in exhibitions. By the way, this creative pulsating place is extraordinary. The gallery is located in one of the oldest houses in the city of Panevėžys, which was built around 1850. It has long been the residence of artists, where famous personalities who left a deep mark on the theater such as Juozas Miltinis and Vaclovas Blėdis often visited. So, according to the owners, "House of Arts" was created naturally even more than fifty years ago.

To visit the Stankūnai "House of Arts", you just need to ring the door bell and you will be greeted right there and invited to admire the collected works of art.

Ramygalos g. 30, Panevėžys

+370 45 431303

55.724604, 24.362091